Safety Record


Serious about Safety

To whom it may concern:

Shell Pipeline contracted R&R Sewer and Water to construct roughly 21 miles of 12” water main and connect around 500 water service lines into existing homes in 2012. The challenging project started construction in April of 2012 and completed all water main construction in September of

As R&R could attest to, working for Shell is very different than working for most owners.  Shell has been very demanding and required R&R to work safe, efficiently and represent Shell positively in the community in the face of much adversity.

Working for Shell required an incident free worksite with a priority on minimizing the impact to the community during construction.  I believe that R&R was up to the challenge and has exceeded my expectations in every category.  R&R has led a project team that has worked over
125,000 hours without a single OSHA recordable incident. This safety record was not achieved by accident.  R&R’s leadership team conducted daily safety meetings where individual work groups discussed the daily hazards and how they were going to mitigate the hazard and reduce the risk of impact to the worker or to the community.

R&R was also very proactive in looking for opportunities to improve the design of the project and offered many ideas that reduced unnecessary damage to various properties, simplified the construction and articulated the proposal to Shell, the design engineer and to the homeowner to gain alignment before the work was executed.  R&R was able to explain to the impacted property owners how the work would be carried out and worked with the property owners to schedule time for them to be home during the construction.

Shell was able to trust R&R that the work was getting done right the first time.  If any issues came up, they always looked for opportunities to make it right – even if it the issue was not caused during the construction activities.

Finally, R&R was able to represent Shell in a positive light and manage all of the various stakeholders to complete the multi-million dollar project within budget and on schedule and incident free.

Because of R&R’s hard work, can-do attitude, commitment to Safety and Social Performance, I would not hesitate to work with them in the future and certainly would recommend them for consideration on future projects.


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